The second year of my degree had me working in Unreal Engine. This particular assignment was given to us to allow us to explore level design. We were to create a level along with a document that annotated it and explained the challenges it presented. 

I developed a very basic prototype inspired by the classic Resident Evil games which made extensive use of fixed camera angles. I chose this because it adds more suspense for the player, and it allows me as the designer to create far more suspense and control the player's gaze better than I'd be able to if I was making a first or third-person perspective game. Given that this, if it was developed into a proper game, is a survival horror then creating that suspense and tension would be vital to the experience. 

Asides from allowing me to practice level design, this allowed me to further explore Unreal's Blueprint feature, a visual coding system, as well as the engine's powerful animation engine. The animations and character meshes used were acquired from Adobe's Mixamo service and were all set up and blended together in Unreal.

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