Cease the Day is an endless runner built for the Games Jobs Live 2020 gamejam. 

It was created over the course of a week, the 11th to the 18th of October, by a 5-man team including myself. On it, I served as the technical designer and general design, and made sure the team was always tasked with things to do. I also maintained the source control repository and the Trello task list. 

The game itself has you playing as an unfortunate vampire, Dr. Notin Portant, PHD (in Astrology, he thought it was Astronomy). He has a nefarious plan to steal all the light and bring about eternal darkness to allow vampires to roam the earth freely, but he hasn't quite realised that the main source of light isn't the lanterns that light the streets at light, but rather the sun. He is determined, though, especially after a friend told him to seize the day, something he took quite literally.

It is time to Cease the Day!

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