The Volkrwikf is a Twine story and was made as part of the first year of my degree. I've always loved telling stories, hence my love of level design. However, it's not often that I'm able to write an interactive text game. I seized the opportunity when this was given to me as an assignment and loved every second of it.

My brief was to create a text game based on a random prompt - mine was classic horror. My research delved into some of the greatest works of literary and cinematic fiction and ultimately led to werewolves. I felt as though of all of the classic monsters - such as vampires and zombies - they were the ones that were the least cliché, not that that's saying much!

You can download and play it here:

To play it, simply download the .html file and open it up in your browser of choice. It features a very basic character creation system. It doesn't last a huge amount of time, but there's plenty to read and puzzle to complete too. I also apologise for the art in advance, I had to draw it all myself!

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