The sister project to the Aug Project on my degree, The Anvilpoint incident is a prototype of a first-person horror game inspired by the likes of SOMA and Observer built with Unreal Engine 4. Set in a unique universe that features occultist artefacts that hold immeasurable power, a multinational corporation specialised in research, weapons development, and general household goods production called Artemis built a remote facility in the Antarctic away from prying eyes so that they could conduct some of their most horrific experiments yet which utilise one of their newest discoveries - an accurate translation of the mystical Voynich Manuscript.

The game is short, but features a small section of a level complete with exploration, some puzzle solving, and some cinematics. On this project I worked with level design, some of the technical aspects of puzzles and interactables around the level, narrative design, storywriting, and world building. I created and pitched the universe to the rest of the team, and designed a fictional virus which was created following occultist experiments.
You can download it here.

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