Paradox is a tabletop RPG that shares the same base ruleset as Mercenary: Armoured Kill.

Paradox is set in a world where the occult is treated like a core science, just as physics, chemistry, and biology all are. It is understood and accepted that it is one of the fundamental parts of life, however, it is also accepted that it is dangerous and difficult to understand - it's behaviour isn't consistent, and it can cause all kinds of paradoxical anomalies that contradict previously established laws of science.

In the game, players make up a team of scavengers/stalkers/hunters who trespass into an exclusion zone that was made to surround one of the most powerful and utterly-confusing paradoxical events yet to occur, one which created bizarre anomalies that appear to have temporal and universe-shifting properties. They'll have to sneak around or fight military patrols, mercenary teams, and otherworldly beings in order to survive and complete their assignments, whatever it may be.

On the topic of assignments, players may be asked to retrieve strange artefacts created by the anomalies, they may be asked to retrieve personal belongings from former residences, or they may simple visit just out of sheer curiosity. They should be warned, though, as the danger of being displaced into another universe is very, very real, and the effects of it happening too much aren't understood well at all.

It's been observed that these anomalies have direct links to alternate universes, but nobody knows how to control them or has any ability to control where they end up. There's a risk of becoming trapped in an alternate universe - or something much, much worse.

The game features character building with typical roleplaying stats, as well as a unique stat for Paradox called Metaphysical, which will allow players to become more powerful at the risk of totally destroying their reality should they become too greedy. It has quickfire rules to allow for players and Game Masters (GMs) to be introduced to the mind-bending world of Paradox.

GMs can use the pre-written storyline throughout adventures of their own creation which will allow players to uncover a mystery stretching far deeper than they may think, or they can write their own based on the anomalies that have been created for the rules. The Paradox ruleset has random generators for anomalies, enemies, and locations to allow for quickfire sessions, or extensive adventure building.

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