Mercenary: Armoured Kill is a roleplaying/strategy tabletop game currently being worked on by myself!
Designed for a minimum of 2 players - one mercenary and one Game Master - the game puts players in charge of a tank and its crew and must battle it out with opposing tanks (or even each other). 
The battles are very much a game of strategy, the terrain and type of shell that you use can mean the difference between victory or defeat. There are different types of terrains and appropriate modifiers which can hinder or benefit a tank, elevation is key to ensuring that you have the advantage over your enemy - but with elevation comes the added risk of exposing yourself to return fire if you don't secure the kill quickly!
Players can upgrade their tank and level up their crew, giving them access to new skills and abilities that can be used to help them out in the heat of battle. Be aware, though, that crew members can be killed - either individually or, in the worst possible scenario, the entire tank and crew can be lost!
There will be a demo available soon to download on my portfolio. The demo will contain various PDFs detailing character creation, the quickfire ruleset to allow you to get into an explosive battle quickly, and an example scenario to help you get your feet wet in the shady world of Mercenary: Armoured Kill.

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